Ever thought about what weird laws are out there, or what laws are still on the books and haven’t been repealed since they were established way back when? You might be surprised to find that tons of weird and crazy laws still exist and are still enforced in certain states and cities’. Each state has it’s own strange laws that make you wonder how they came to be, but some of the most interesting ones seem to come from the southern states.

This first one is from Mississippi, “One may be fined up to $100 for using ‘profane language’ in public places.” This seems reasonable right, or polite at least, right? No one wants to be out with their family or loved one and hear nothing but a ton of swearing from strangers in public right? Although this law seems silly, or a bit overbearing, the full text of the law makes it easier to understand. In the full text it’s understood to include being drunk in public or using vulgar language in public. Being drunk in public is an offense in most places anyways.

Texas has always been known for being a state that does what it wants, or has a mind of it’s own. Well now Texas is attempting to take that a step further, they want to control the weather! Really? This isn’t a joke; § 20.003. Weather Modification and Control Grant Program. As strange as this sounds there is actually some science behind it, they could potentially eliminate dangerous weather.

Ever been to Arizona and seen all the gorgeous cacti that populate the Grand Canyon State? Well you can definitely look and take in their beauty, but don’t you dare cut one down! There is a law to protect, specifically, the Saguaro Cactus from being cut down. Damaging native plants in Arizona is no joke, and could slap you with a felony charge!

Here’s an interesting one, in South Carolina, “If a man promises to marry an unmarried woman, the marriage must take place.” This one seems like it may be favored more by one gender than the other; Women clearly have the upper hand here, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to hold a man to his word? No cold feet here, or you can be slapped with a fine, or even some jail time!

The last wacky law is a fun one, in Washington they have an ordinance for “Undiscovered Species Protection Act,” guess who this is for? Bigfoot! In Washington they take Bigfoot seriously, so don’t go here expecting to grab all your gear and take off hunting for him. You could end up with a very hefty fine, or spending some time in jail for harassing this undiscovered being.

Regardless of what state you live in or aspire to live in, there will always be some crazy laws that might throw you for a loop. Do your research on where you live and you might find some entertaining laws that make you wonder how they came about, or just give you a good laugh.