Sometimes life isn’t always flowers and roses, sometimes you get in a situation and you need to hire someone to help yourself get out of it; you need a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer might seem like a simple process, on TV they always say, “you’ll be hearing from my lawyer,” but does everyone just “have” a lawyer? Where do they get one and how do you find a good one, or one that can be an expert on the kind of help you need. Here are some tips to ensure you get the lawyer, and help you need.

The very first thing you want to do is ask your inner circle. Starts by asking relatives, friends, coworkers, and even neighbors, who they have used or if they know of a good lawyer. When you need to hire a lawyer you will be giving them private and even potentially harmful information about yourself, you want to make sure this is someone you can trust. Your inner circle are the people you typically trust the most, so why not see who they are trusting for legal help?

Another great way to find a lawyer is to hit up Google. Start doing some research, in this digital world we live in, everything will be online. You can look through reviews, see complaints, even see a physical picture of the potential lawyer you want to hire. The internet will give you a decent sense on who the person is and if they are someone you could see yourself trusting for legal help. Keep in mind, not everything you see on the internet is true!

Once you’ve asked your friends and family, done some research on the internet, now it’s time to make some phone calls. Instead of calling potential lawyers first, call the bar association for the region in which these lawyers are located. Although the bar association won’t give you a lot of information, they can tell you whether or not this person has ever been disbarred and the status of their license to practice.

Now you’re at the point where you are ready to set up some interviews with potential lawyers you want to hire; ask questions! When you meet with each candidate you want to make sure you ask enough questions and that you understand how to relationship works. Ask questions about: their past cases, their track record, how they charge for their services, how will you stay in the loop about your case, etc. Try to gather as much information in that first meeting as possible. Make sure you understand that they are working for you!

After gathering all this information and research, sit down and evaluate. Think about what you’re in need of, how much are you willing to spend, and listen to your gut. At the end of the day you are the one who is hiring a lawyer to work for you, and your gut feeling about this person matters. When you met with them did you feel a sense of trust? Would you feel comfortable giving this person private information and paying them very well to have that information? Look out for yourself and find the DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs who you believe has your best interest in mind.