The international news service, AFP, has reported that Apple will ban new applications that identify local DUI checkpoints in all states, including Colorado, for iPhone users. There is disappointment among lawmakers that the old applications are still available.  Whether this will lead to more DUI arrests is unknown. The lawmakers are still happy no new apps are available, probably in part due to the extra money a DUI checkpoint can bring into local government jurisdictions. If you have been stopped and charged with a DUI you should immediately call a Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately.


The state of Colorado and the town you are stopped in gets money from fines and surcharges. You are also a target for lobbying organizations such as MADD and SADD who continue to push for harsher and harsher fines and penalties. You need a Colorado criminal defense attorney on your side to try and save your license. Many jobs require having a valid driver’s license. If you want to keep yours there are certain time-sensitive requirements of which you may not be aware. The Colorado criminal defense attorney is expert in all of all these requirements and they will act quickly and accordingly on your behalf. All aspects of the case will be analyzed and any missteps taken by the arresting officers will be brought to the attention of the court.


You want to get your license back. If it is not possible the Colorado criminal defense attorney may be able to get the fines reduced and if there are any procedural mistakes made by the judge during the proceedings they can file an appeal. The best and only way you can take on the state and local authorities is with the expert professional help of a Colorado Criminal defense attorney.