Being arrested for driving under the influence is certainly no laughing matter. Depending upon the exact details of the arrest, even a first time DUI conviction can have serious repercussions on a number of areas of your life. The heavy fines that you could face from a DUI conviction could cause financial distress, and the loss of driving privileges could affect your personal life and your career. The possible jail time you might face for a drunk driving conviction can also affect your freedom and your future. When faced with drunk driving charge, many people can’t see past these legal repercussions, and they don’t realize that they can get help from an attorney in their drunk driving case.

Walking away from a DUI charge of any kind with a favorable outcome is never easy, but having a defense attorney with experience in drunk driving cases on your side can result in a much better outcome to your case than would have resulted if you had defended yourself. The laws and courts in most states are generally not lenient on drunk drivers, so you should not face the judge alone. The drunk driving laws in just about all states are constantly changing, and law enforcement officials are always looking to hand down more severe punishments for DUI or DWI convictions. An attorney who specializes in drunk driving defense understands the nuances of traffic laws, and can challenge law enforcement evidence against you.

In order to come away from your criminal hearing without suffering to the fullest extent of the law, you need an experienced professional to help you construct your defense. An experienced DUI attorney will be completely aware of any recent changes regarding the drunk driving laws in your state and will know exactly how the prosecution plans to pursue a conviction. Your defense attorney will be able to use the available evidence in conjunction with an in depth knowledge of every facet of DUI law to construct the most effective and plausible defense for your particular case.

Having the right defense lawyer at your criminal hearing for a drunk driving charge is the best possible way to reduce or eliminate some of the very severe punishments you could have faced from a conviction. A first time DUI doesn’t have to come with a lifetime of issues, problems and baggage from a conviction, but in order to get the outcome that you want, you’ll need an experienced DUI attorney to properly build your defense.