Will My Marijuana Usage Impact My Child Custody Battle?

Will My Marijuana Usage Impact My Child Custody Battle? If you are going through a divorce with children, child custody questions are always on the forefront of your mind during this stressful time. If you use marijuana either medicinally or

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What Happens if You Get a DUID/DWAI?

What Happens if You Get a DUID/DWAI? If you are using drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both while driving, you can get into deep trouble with the law. A police officer has several options with which to charge you,

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Navigating Drug Charges with a Criminal Defense Attorney

A seemingly small bag of marijuana can easily be turned into a wide array of criminal drug charges from misdemeanor possession to felony distribution, depending upon the course of the arresting officer’s investigation. Drug charges can have serious consequences for

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Marijuana Possession and Potential Consequences

Many states now allow the medicinal-use of controlled substances such as marijuana for the purpose of alleviating the symptoms of debilitating diseases such as cancer glaucoma, HIV, and AIDS.  While the new laws governing the controlled substances permit individuals suffering

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