What Happens if You Get a DUID/DWAI?

What Happens if You Get a DUID/DWAI? If you are using drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both while driving, you can get into deep trouble with the law. A police officer has several options with which to charge you,

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Can I Get Arrested for a DUI If I’m Not Driving?

If you have been arrested for a DUI, but feel that it has been unwarranted because you weren’t actually driving your car, you may have wondered if you can fight the charges against you. It’s a good question to ask,

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What Are DUI Laws & Penalties in Colorado?

What Are DUI Laws & Penalties in Colorado? Drinking under the influence is a serious offense with serious consequences, especially since you may have your license suspended. Depending on the test you chose, you may need to act within 7

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DUI Under 21 in Colorado

Receiving a DUI has its consequences here in Colorado, but receiving an DUI for underage drinking can have a serious impact for the future of the driver. For those under 21, getting a DUI can have varying consequences depending on

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Colorado Out of State DUI

Getting a DUI in any state is an incredibly frustrating and emotional situation, but when you are visiting Colorado from another state, it will add another level of complexity to the experience. The biggest thing to keep in mind is

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5 Ways Alcohol Negatively Affects Your Body

Most people are unaware that alcohol affects every part of your body, and not always with excessive use. Alcohol does more to your body than just the initial, “drunk” it gives you, it can really damage your life. The first

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a DUI Lawyer

  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, two in three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident. This means that this is something that almost everyone will encounter at some point in their lives, whether they

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Smartphone Breathalyzer Apps: Possible DUI Preventative

These days, our smartphones are able to do almost anything for us—track our speed in traffic, give directions, count our footsteps, identify our sleeping patterns…Our pocket-sized, handheld devices are capable of providing us with technology that we never knew we

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