Client charged with child abuse and initially did not retain our legal services. The alleged victim reported that her father had struck her in the stomach with a closed fist. The facts were that the father came home and found his 15-year-old daughter in the company of an older teenager. This person was of questionable reputation (suspected drug use) and had been forbidden from associating with his daughter or coming to their home. The daughter indicated she was leaving the home with this person and her father refused to let her go. The daughter yelled, cursed, and struck her father. There was no injury to anyone. During a 6-month court process, 3 different deputy district attorneys refused to dismiss the case.

Less than 1 week prior to the scheduled jury trial, the father came back to Liberty Law Center and retained our office. Our attorneys prepared the case for trial, including interviewing the alleged victim and her mother and researched issues involving jurisdiction and discovery violations. Our attorneys appeared on the scheduled trial date one week after the client hired us. After discussing the possible defenses at trial with the deputy district attorney, our attorneys got the case dismissed without a trial. The record of this incident can now be sealed (expunged).