The Colorado Meth Project has begun a new program to reduce drug use among youths in the state called the Teen Advisory Council. Though the Council is trying to reduce rates of drug use, meth use and drug charges are still a major problem in the state. If you or someone you know is facing drug charges of any type in Colorado, you need a Colorado criminal defense attorney to represent your innocence and protect your rights in court. An attorney with experience in juvenile law can also help you make sure your teen is protected if they get mixed up with drugs.

The Teen Advisory Council was formed in order to raise awareness in Colorado teens about the dangers of methamphetamine use, as well as encouraging outreach and volunteer efforts among teens to prevent drug use. This council is formed of fifteen students from middle and high schools. The teens come from twelve cities across the state, and they will work together to raise awareness at schools as well as create outreach programs to warn of the dangers of meth.

Along with these increased efforts around the state to raise awareness of the dangers of meth, Colorado law enforcement is also cracking down on methamphetamine use, manufacture and distribution. Possession, manufacture and distribution are all very serious drug charges in the state of Colorado, but judges are laying down even harsher penalties for high profile drugs like methamphetamine. When facing these kinds of charges, an aggressive Colorado criminal defense attorney is invaluable. A defense attorney will protect your search and seizure rights, challenge state evidence against you, as well as negotiate with prosecutors to help you plea to lesser charges if necessary.