Many Colorado drivers don’t realize that there are two sides to every DUI case: the charges in criminal court and the administrative process for driver’s license penalties. Criminal penalties for a Colorado DUI conviction can be severe, so it’s important to have an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney represent you in state court for drunk driving charges.

The criminal trial addresses the actual DUI charge and levels penalties like alcohol education and probation upon a conviction. If convicted, the judge can hand down DUI criminal penalties including:

  • jail time, especially for multiple DUI offenses
  • mandatory alcohol counseling
  • ignition interlock devices
  • probation and community service hours

In the criminal trial for drunk driving, the prosecution presents the evidence that the traffic officers gathered to prove that you were driving while intoxicated, such as BAC test results and evidence for the traffic violation that led to a DUI stop. The individual accused of a DUI has the chance to face the judge and prosecutors in their case and plead for their innocence. This is when a Colorado trial lawyer with experience in DUI cases can be invaluable.

A Colorado DUI defense attorney will represent you during the criminal trial and help you by challenging the evidence against you in order to get your charges dismissed. Your defense attorney can also reduce your penalties by negotiating a deferred sentence or having you plea to a lesser charge such as DWAI.

While the criminal and administrative aspects of Colorado DUI charges are separate, it is a good idea for those arrested for DUI in the state to get the help of an attorney with experience in DUI or DWAI cases. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can help clients face the criminal aspect of their Colorado DUI charges as well as represent them in front of the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles to keep their driving privileges in the state.