Colorado law enforcement is serious about prosecuting drug crimes in the state, and cases where an individual is charged with a drug crime like possession, trafficking, distribution, or intent to sell require representation from an experienced and dedicated Colorado criminal defense attorney. An attorney who is well-versed in drug charges will be able to employ defense strategies to help you retain your rights and your freedom.

Defense strategies in drug cases include:

  • challenging evidence of possession of drugs
  • making sure law enforcement followed all protocols during investigation and arrest
  • protecting the search and seizure rights of the accused
  • using knowledge of Colorado medical marijuana laws and other quickly changing drug laws
  • examining the records of the arresting officers
  • arguing for alternative sentencing like community service or treatment programs
  • negotiating plea bargains with prosecutors

Even though Colorado has made marijuana legal for medical use for citizens who register for a card, law enforcement can often arrest these individuals on charges like possession or intent to sell. While misdemeanor marijuana possession charges may seem like no big deal, they can affect an individual’s ability to get a job or maintain driving privileges. Even in drug cases that seem minor, you need an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney on your side.

Colorado law in drug cases can be complicated and the penalties for conviction can be severe. For example, in response to public concern over methamphetamine use in the state, there are no misdemeanor charges for meth possession. This means that even a small amount of the drug, even residue, can result in felony charges. In cases where high-profile drugs like meth are involved, an aggressive Colorado criminal defense attorney is necessary to retain your freedom and avoid a felony conviction.

Felony drug convictions can result in legal consequences like mandatory time in prison and high fines. Once the jail time has been served, drug convictions often carry long parole or probation sentences as well, often requiring many hours of community service or mandatory time in a drug treatment facility. An aggressive criminal defense attorney can help those facing these daunting legal penalties.