Narcotics officers from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office recently shut down a suspected illegal marijuana growing operation in Colorado City. FOX 21 recently reported that detectives investigated the 4000 block of West Colorado Boulevard after receiving calls from concerned residents who noticed marijuana growing near a property in the neighborhood.

Their investigation uncovered expired marijuana documentation belonging to the renter of the property. The obtained a search warrant and found 66 marijuana plants and seven pounds of dried marijuana. The detectives suspect the marijuana was being cultivated illegally due to the amount. In Colorado, a marijuana law known as Amendment 20 allows residents with a medical marijuana certificate to possess up to six plants and two ounces of dried marijuana. Even though Colorado’s state law allows marijuana use for medicinal purposes, it is still a federal crime.

Authorities have not made any arrests but will be pursuing felony charges.

Anyone without a medical marijuana license who is caught smoking or in possession of even an ounce of marijuana in Colorado had better have a good Colorado criminal defense attorney. You could face fines and jail time, depending on the what you’re doing with the pot and how the cops find on you when you’re caught. The more they find, the more legal hot water you’re in, and the harsher the punishment. The renter in this case, as well as the property owner, may be facing serious charges because they had enough marijuana to sell and distribute, which the authorities may suspect them of doing–thus the possible felony charges.