Drinking and driving charges can be incredibly frightening, particularly if you have never been charged with anything like that before. Your first step should be to contact a DUI attorney who can help you sort through the facts of your case. The penalties for drinking and driving are very serious, regardless of whether or not your previous history has been clear of any similar charges. Your DUI attorney will explain your rights and the law to you, and work to ensure that you keep your driving privileges and that you do not face harsher penalties than you should.

Drinking and driving laws involve very strict procedures. If these procedures were not followed correctly by the arresting officers, you may not have received accurate results. Blood and breath test results must include carefully preserved samples of the same sort that were tested originally. This is so that your DUI attorney is able to retest the samples to recreate the same results. If those results are different, your attorney will be able to prove that your drinking and driving charges are invalid.

Make sure that you contact an experienced DUI attorney to handle your drinking and driving charges. Hiring the wrong lawyer, or in a worst case scenario hiring no lawyer, can damage your reputation, your driving privileges, and your freedom. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can fight drinking and driving charges on your own. You need the experienced assistance of a DUI attorney who is an expert in cases such as yours.