A woman in Tequesta, Florida was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison on DUI manslaughter charges for her role in a 2009 crash that killed two construction workers and injured another. The recent Palm Beach Post News story reported that the 45-year-old woman had been so intoxicated she could barely walk and stumbled onto one of the officers trying to question her at the accident scene.

She had told investigators that she was on her way home from a birthday party when she plowed into three workers at a construction site near Three Palms Plaza and Indiantown Road. Her blood alcohol content was almost three times’ Florida’s legal limit, which heavily influenced the judge’s decision. The judge felt that the suspect’s ability to start her car and drive for a few miles before the crash, despite being her high level of intoxication, indicated that she was aware that she too drunk to drive.

A DUI manslaughter conviction in Colorado is an automatic long prison sentence, as in this tragic case. This woman could barely walk, yet in her drunken state, she decided to drive. Now four lives are forever changed: hers, the surviving victim and the families of the deceased victims. Her legal problems could increase if the families of the deceased decide to file a wrongful death suit, something Colorado law allows. Her Colorado DUI defense attorney undoubtedly prepared as solid a defense as he could under the circumstances, but nothing he could have done would spared his client jail time.

If you are charged of DUI manslaughter in Colorado, your next crucial step is to retain a qualified Colorado DUI defense attorney to handle your case and discuss your defense options.