During a review of DUI cases spawned by the discovery of a faulty breathalyzer in California prosecutors found more than forty cases that will be dismissed.  While this is only a small percentage of the cases that have already been reviewed, hundreds more are still up for review and more than forty unwarranted arrests is simply too many in any case.

Law enforcement officials and prosecutors rely heavily on breathalyzer results in order to secure arrests and convictions, but the devices don’t seem to be as accurate as they could or should.  Any oversight in the maintenance or use of the device can result in an incorrect reading that could land an innocent driver behind bars and have them facing a number of other very unfavorable punishments.

First time offenders in Colorado face the possibility of very steep fines, a lengthy loss of driving privileges and the possibility of mandatory jail time.  Those are some very stiff consequences for a charge that may have been levied based upon inaccurate evidence.

If you are facing DUI charges in the state of Colorado you should reach out to an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following your arrest.  A Colorado criminal defense attorney will have the knowledge of the law necessary to help you with your DUI charges.  Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will work quickly to build a solid defense and fight to ensure that evidence that may not be accurate isn’t used to secure a conviction.