Lately, journalists—and really, the media in general—have focused on the struggling state of the economy to the degree that even the most uninformed in the realm of current events understands that financial woes are facing many parts of the population.  Multiple stories featured in newspapers and television programs every day suggest that families have been struggling with their finances and consequently, struggling with their personal lives.

Sadly, many people allow difficult times to get the best of them, and as a result, they inadvertently start neglecting hugely important responsibilities.  For instance, late last October, law enforcement officials arrested an Aurora woman on felony child-abuse and neglect resulting in the death of her two children.  This mother of a two and three year old left her children alone in her apartment, and unfortunately, during her absence, the apartment caught fire causing the apartment to fill with smoke and suffocate the occupants inside.

While this instance may seem like a rather extreme case of neglect resulting in an absolute worst-case scenario, people tend to make irrational, careless decisions when faced with overwhelmingly stressful situations.  For instance, in a desperate attempt to make ends meet, parents with little to no money allow their children to stay at home unattended without a sitter.  As a result, instances of neglect abuse, and domestic violence come have a greater chance of entering into the picture than they might have prior to financial hardships—which can lead to these nightmare scenarios such as the one faced by the woman in Aurora.

If you’ve been hit particularly hard by the economy, you may have found yourself in an unfortunate situation that involves domestic violence charges or charges of abuse or neglect.  Should you find yourself facing such charges, you should do everything within your power to consult a Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately. By consulting with a professional you can be sure you have all the legal resources—as well as the legal experience—necessary to defend yourself in a court of law.  Failure to contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately could result in you receiving the maximum penalty for a crime or worse yet—receiving the maximum penalty for a crime you didn’t commit!