In many instances a vehicular assault charge occurs in conjunction with another potentially serious charge, like a DUI or reckless driving, which makes having a qualified Colorado defense attorney on your side even more important.  Each of those charges alone could bring about serious consequences, but when a driver faces multiple charges together there is a serious need for a well constructed defense.

An experienced Colorado defense attorney should be contacted immediately following your arrest for DUI or vehicular assault so the focus of your defense strategy can be immediately developed.  Your Colorado defense attorney will be able to use their knowledge and experience to reveal the necessary details of your case that could be used to cast doubt on the charges levied by the prosecution.

If the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure or if there are any discrepancies evident in the detail of the prosecution’s case, your experienced Colorado defense attorney will be able to identify them and use them in order to build your defense.

When the charges filed against you are as serious as DUI and vehicular assault, the potential penalties that you could face if convicted are very severe.  If there are multiple charges filed against you and the evidence of the prosecution is very strong a good Colorado defense attorney may be able to help you reach a plea bargain that will result in penalties that are less severe.  The best way to walk away from very serious charges like vehicular assault and DUI with a favorable outcome is with a very strong defense built by an experienced Colorado defense attorney.