A 26 year old man pulled over recently in Colorado Springs for suspicion of DUI made his situation much worse by attempting to flee the scene prior to arrest.  As the suspect was preparing to make his escape he drove his vehicle in reverse and struck the officer who initiated the stop.  He was stopped again and apprehend just a few minutes later and will not only face the original charge of DUI along with a battery of new and equally severe charges related to the hit and run.

Being stopped for a suspected DUI after you’ve had a few drinks can be a very frightening experience.  It is much better, however, to reach out to an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney following the stop instead of running the risk of compiling a multitude of additional charges by attempting to flee.

An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can examine the evidence of the investigation and work to develop a very effective method of defense.  By enlisting the most effective strategies for your DUI defense your Colorado criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate a very favorable plea bargain that will have your charges reduced or possibly even present a strong enough plan of defense to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against you.  If you compile additional charges following the initial traffic stop your Colorado criminal defense attorney will have a much more difficult time defending you during your trial.