During any time of the year where people have additional days off of work or when parties or celebrations take place police tend to take extra efforts to ensure that the streets are kept as safe as possible.  Long weekends and holidays often mean DUI checkpoints, roving patrols and saturation patrols which can result in plenty of additional DUI arrests.

Any time police efforts are ramped up and additional DUI arrests are recorded it results in more work for qualified DUI attorneys, especially in states where the possible punishments are as stiff as they are in Colorado.  A Colorado DUI can result in jail time, long license revocations and exceedingly large fines for first time offenders and the punishments become much more severe for those who’ve been convicted previously.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Colorado, hiring an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney is an absolute necessity.  An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will examine all information available regarding your case to ensure that the evidence being used against you is legitimate and that it was obtained lawfully.  If there is any indication that law enforcement officials didn’t follow the proper procedures during the investigation or if there are any inaccuracies in the police report or officer testimonials your criminal defense attorney will be able to build a much stronger defense.  By having an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney on your side you can ensure that your best interest will be represented and that you’ll have the best chance of having your DUI charges reduced or dismissed.