Your Colorado criminal defense attorney can explain just how serious a charge you are facing if you have been charged with Colorado marijuana possession. While most people find themselves charged with a misdemeanor, Colorado marijuana possession can also be a felony charge. An experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can make sure that you do not face the maximum penalties, especially if your situation is merely a misunderstanding.

Colorado marijuana possession charges vary in intensity depending on variables such as how often you have been arrested for this same charge as well as how much marijuana was found on your person. For example, if you are arrested with less than one ounce in your possession and it is your first arrest, your Colorado criminal defense attorney may be able to ensure that you only need to concern yourself with a fine and possibly community service. In the case of multiple offenses or larger amounts of marijuana, there may be other variables that can help your case.

Ultimately, you need the experienced assistance of a Colorado criminal defense attorney who understands the charges against you and understands how to launch an appropriate defense for your case. The penalties for a Colorado marijuana possession charge can affect your professional life as well as your personal life, so you need the right help. Contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon after your charges as possible to ensure that you get the help you need quickly to ensure that you have the defense you need.