Multiple DUI charges are a situation you need address head on by hiring an experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney. Repeated DUI violations can net you some serious consequences, the least of which involve fines and a criminal record. You need a Colorado Springs DUI attorney who is prepared to launch a competent defense to protect your driving privileges as well as your freedom.

The evidence gathered against you may not be valid; however, without a skilled Colorado Springs defense lawyer you may not be able to prove that in court. Breathalyzer samples and other evidence must be preserved according to specific regulations so that your Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney can retest the samples to check the test’s accuracy. Without properly preserved samples, this evidence may end up excused from your proceedings.

Your Colorado Springs DUI attorney is tasked with preserving not only your rights in court, but also your freedom. Multiple DUI charges carry penalties up to two years in jail. You may also risk losing your driver’s license for up to one year. In some cases, you may face complete revocation of your driver’s license. If convicted of multiple DUI charges, you may face problems later getting jobs or finding places to live.

It may seem that you have no other options than to take a plea agreement, but your Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney understands how the DUI laws apply to your particular case. There may be problems related to your arrest or testing that render the tests invalid. Your Colorado Springs DUI attorney is qualified to help you win your case.