Colorado law enforcement officials take the crime of DUI very seriously and are upping their efforts during specific times in an effort to clear the streets of drivers under the influence.  It isn’t uncommon for DUI task forces to hit the streets in full force on holiday weekends or during days known for excessive partying, like St. Patrick’s Day.

The Colorado Highway Patrol really amped up their efforts for 2011 and instead of just targeting St. Patrick’s Day itself, they targeted the entire week.  During the week long DUI crackdown surrounding one of the most popular drinking days of the year Colorado police nabbed 682 drivers suspected of DUI.

While keeping the streets free of drivers who are impaired is critical to public safety it is a fairly safe bet that in an effort that was so expansive and intensive as to net an average of nearly 100 DUI drivers per day that some mistakes could have been made.  Breathalyzer results may have been erroneously recorded or machines improperly calibrated or arresting officers may have mistaken signs of fatigue as signs of intoxication.  This is why it’s critical that you hire an experienced Colorado DUI attorney immediately following your arrest.

An experienced Colorado DUI attorney will challenge test results or attempt to identify any missed details or discrepancies in the investigation that can be used for your defense.  Hiring an experienced Colorado DUI attorney will provide you with the greatest likelihood of walking away from your Colorado DUI hearings with punishments that are fair and tolerable.