Recently a report in CBS News estimated about one in twelve fans is drunk at baseball games in stadiums such as Coors field. The fact is many bad fan behaviors over the years has been shown to us on ESPN and other news outlets and it has led to some stadiums reducing sales time of beer to encourage fans to be sober. The news still does not give police the right to automatically pull over anyone seen leaving a Rockies game. There still is a need for probable cause.

This is one of the areas a Colorado criminal defense lawyer would look at when analyzing the case against a client charged with a DUI. If anyone is charged with a DUI they should call an attorney as soon as possible. There are steps that need to be taken quickly if this case is to be fought by you. The first step should be to hire a Colorado criminal defense attorney to guide you through the other steps necessary to dismiss or reduce the punishment for your DUI.

You are not alone when you have a defense attorney. The state has prosecutors with money on the line. You will be paying for years if you simply accept the charge and don’t do anything to refute it. Fines, insurance costs and other expenses make the cost of an attorney seem well worth it in the long run. There can be many ways the state makes mistakes in these cases. The Colorado criminal defense attorney is familiar with all of them. You have no idea what can be done when you are charged. Once you meet with your DUI attorney, things will not seem so bleak.

It is never a good idea to go into this alone. There are procedural matters that need to be attended to and then there is the need most people have for a license. You will just hand your over when the time comes and you may not see it for months. The Colorado criminal defense attorney will work hard and well to keep your license valid. The will work equally hard to prove the case against you invalid. They have many options available to use for your defense. You have only two options either hire an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney or hand your license over. It’s that simple.