With one look at the potential penalties that you’ll face from a DUI conviction in the state of Colorado, it’s very easy to see just how much your life can be affected. Heavy fines, jail time, suspension of driving privileges and the requirement for carrying an expensive auto insurance policy can wreak havoc with your personal, financial and professional lives.

The best way to approach your defense in a DUI hearing is by enlisting the help of an experienced Colorado defense attorney.  Many drivers feel as though they are already potentially behind the eight ball will the potential financial repercussions of a Colorado DUI and hope that they’ll be able save money by defending themselves, but this is often a serious mistake.

Constructing the best possible defense against a Colorado DUI charge requires and in depth and intimate knowledge of DUI law.  DUI cases can be complex and confusing and a poorly constructed defense is can easily lead to a conviction that will force you to face the fullest extent of possible penalties.

Having an experienced Colorado DUI attorney on your side will ensure that you’ve got the necessary knowledge in your corner to limit the possible punishments you’ll face.  A good Colorado defense attorney will most likely be able to save you much more in potential fines and increased insurance premiums then their services will cost.  If you have been arrested for a DUI in the state of Colorado, it’s imperative that you reach out to an experienced Colorado defense attorney in order to begin constructing your defense.