Applications for smart phones have been all over the news of late, but the latest one could actually be beneficial in helping to avoid potential DUIs.  The R U Buzzed app from the Colorado DOT helps give drinkers a general approximation of their BAC in an effort to discourage those who are over the limit, or even edging close to being intoxicated to secure a safe and sober ride home.

The app was field-tested by a Colorado news station and the results were deemed to be pretty accurate.  While law enforcement officials state that drivers shouldn’t necessarily assume that they are safe to drive if they register below the legal limit according to the app, it can help to give people a decent approximation of where they fall on the scale in terms of BAC.  Impaired driving is very dangerous and the penalties imposed upon drivers who are intoxicated in Colorado are very severe, so any measure that encourages drivers who may be impaired to get a sober ride home could be of great benefit.

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