Following a Colorado University graduation party last week Boulder police stopped a man with an office chair imbedded in the bumper of his car. According to officers the operator of the vehicle was completely unaware of the presence of the chair and he performed poorly on a number of roadside sobriety tests administered by officers.  Nearly an hour after the arrest the officers conducted a breathalyzer test and found the subject to be more than two and a half times over the legal limit for BAC.

There are a number of unusual instances like this reported on a regular basis all over the country and each weird, wild or wacky instance drives more attention to DUI.  With each additional widely publicized incident law enforcement officials and prosecutors tend to come down harder on those who’ve been charged with this very serious crime.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in the state of Colorado you will need the services of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney.  Defending yourself against allegation of DUI, especially when there seems to be an ample amount of evidence against you, is never a good idea if you hope to get your charges reduced.

An experienced Colorado DUI attorney can challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution in an effort to have it suppressed.  If the prosecution is unable to use key pieces of evidence against you for any reason the likelihood of your DUI charges being reduced and you receiving much less severe punishments is greatly improved.