Assault charges can stem from even the most seemingly innocent altercation, but even the most minor of assault charges can turn into a serious punishment.  Even a third degree misdemeanor assault conviction can result in a two year prison sentence and the possible punishments increase exponentially along with increased charges.

If you are currently being investigated for or facing an assault charge you can’t afford to wait to reach out to a qualified Colorado defense attorney.  Depending upon the specific details of your case an assault conviction could result in up to a ten year prison sentence, or more.

The best way to get assault charges reduced or dismissed in the state of Colorado is with a properly and professionally structured defense.  An experienced Colorado defense attorney will delve into the details of your case to find the details necessary to develop the best possible defense for your case.

Tempers can flare in all types of situations and minor altercations can result.  There is no reason that being cut off on the highway or losing a parking space that you were waiting patiently for should result in you losing a decade of your life to an assault conviction.  As soon as you become aware that there are assault charges pending against you, you need to reach out to an experienced Colorado defense attorney for a consultation so you can begin working to develop the most appropriate and effective defense for your impending case.