Driving while intoxicated is bad enough. Combined it with hitting someone with your vehicle and leaving the scene of the accident, and you end up with a lofty task for a DUI defense attorney. The DUI defense attorney for a woman in Ocala, Florida, has definitely got some work to do.

According to a recent story on the Ocala.com site, the 62-year-old woman was driving her SUV when she crashed into another vehicle, then drove off and crashed into a fence and got stuck. When police arrived, they found the woman in her vehicle. They attempted to talk to her, but she kept dozing off during the conversation. She agreed to a field sobriety test and failed it, however, she later refused to submit to the breathalyzer test at the jailhouse. According to police officials, the woman had a previous DUI conviction. The story did not state whether there were any persons hurt in the accident.

This poor woman is in for a rude awakening when she sobers up. She’s facing serious charges, and her DUI defense attorney needs to bring his A game if she’s going have any chance of a reduced sentence. Being a repeat offender will work against her, however, unless she goes before a merciful judge–which is unlikely. She will probably lose her driving privileges and she faces additional penalties such as fines and jail time. The fact that she’s a repeat offender indicates she has a drinking problem, and she’ll likely be ordered to undergo treatment for alcohol addiction.

The punishment of DUI and hit-and-run in Colorado carries similar consequences, so retaining a qualified Colorado criminal defense attorney is crucial. Your attorney will work diligently to prepare a defense strategy that result in a favorable income.