If you have been involved in an altercation, no matter how innocent it might have seemed or how mild the situation was at the time, you can be facing assault charges in Colorado criminal court, and you will need an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney in order to answer these charges. The laws in Colorado regarding violent crimes, or even the intent to cause violence, can be harsh, especially if there are other criminal charges involved.

Some of the other criminal charges that can come along with assault are weapons possession, domestic violence, vehicular assault, harassment or disorderly conduct. When other charges are involved, a simple disagreement can turn into a legal nightmare. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can explain any charges brought against you by the courts, as well as create a targeted defense strategy to keep you from spending years in jail or paying exorbitant fines.

When someone is facing more than one criminal charge at a time, the punishments can pile up or one kind of charge can escalate from a misdemeanor to a felony. While many misdemeanor charges can be taken care of with a fine and community service, felony assault carries harsher penalties like time in prison and long parole sentences. Attorneys with experience in assault and other criminal cases can negotiate for deferred sentencing or get charges dismissed.

The important thing to remember about assault charges in Colorado and many other states is that physical violence does not necessarily have to occur for assault charges to be brought against a person. The intent to cause bodily injury or harm can be, in some cases, ground for assault. This means that threats or actions that could lead to violence can be part of an assault charge. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will be able to discuss the alleged actions that led to your charges in order to create your defense strategy.