A Colorado woman whose child was killed when hit by a car was charged with child abuse. The child roamed from her apartment and was hit by a van in the apartment parking lot, while her mother was on her computer checking Facebook. This shocking case has drawn a lot of attention. The state may be out to establish precedents for future child abuse cases, and many will applaud a guilty verdict. This case certainly shows how important it is to have an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney as your representative in any criminal charge. Even in a less public, less emotionally charged case, an accused party needs to have their rights to a fair trial protected. That is one of the many jobs of the Colorado criminal defense attorney. They will be there to analyze the evidence before the trial. The attorney is there to slow the state’s case against you, so there is no rush to judgment.


There are many strategies that the prosecutor’s team will employ to get the accused the strongest penalty possible. Judges and prosecutors are evaluated by some outside groups by the number of guilty verdicts and the average prison sentences given out. You don’t want to be an example held up to these groups as proof that the judge or prosecutor is not “soft on crime”. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney is there to offer you the best possible defense. They will prevent the bringing of any unlawfully gained evidence into the case. They will do their best to minimize the damage of any eyewitnesses. Any and all legal means possible will be brought to bear against the state’s case against you. When the case is over, the attorney can file an appeal if there was something done wrong procedurally during the trial.