Tim Masters, a former prisoner for a murder he didn’t commit, was exonerated by Colorado Attorney General. The Denver Post reported on his current life after being released three years ago. The exoneration was reported earlier this week. Mr. Masters was released when DNA evidence proved he was not the man who committed the crime. In this case the continuing look at the evidence, even after a conviction saved the accused. It took a long time but the court finally got it right. The Colorado justice system is not always perfect, like any other system involving humans.


Finding out what mistakes the state makes in it arrests and prosecutions is the main focus of the Colorado criminal defense attorney. When someone is accused of a crime they need an experienced advocate who knows that mistakes can be made and how those mistakes can be used to get the accused an acquittal. A Colorado criminal defense attorney works to have evidence suppressed, witnesses discredited, and reasonable doubt created in the mind of the jury. It is a hard job, but the knowledge and training of the Colorado criminal defense attorney prepares him for the challenge.


When you are accused of a crime you are up against the state. They employ the police and the prosecutor to get you convicted. You must have a person working with you to attain your release. As you can see from the story above, the effort to have the accused released was kept up even after conviction. It is proof that if you are accused of a crime, you need the help of a Colorado criminal defense attorney. They can work to have the charge dismissed. They can work to create a reasonable doubt during the trial. And they can work after the trial to prove the state was wrong. When accused of any crime, a Colorado criminal defense attorney must be consulted to get the best defense available.