This weekend is expected to be a very busy one for office and holiday parties. If you are going to be at a function, Daniel, Thom & Katzman urges you to drink responsibly. An average person can easily become impaired after a couple of drinks at a party.

Should you be stopped by the police, remember that any field sobriety tests are completely voluntary. You are not required to submit to these tests. You may be asked to perform a chemical test of either your blood or breath. If you take a breath test, your results will be known immediately and if the result is .08 or higher, the police officer will take your driver’s license. The results of the blood test may take 2 weeks or longer to come back and the police officer will not take your driver’s license at the time of your arrest. You may get a letter from DMV revoking your license several weeks after your arrest. You also have the right to refuse the chemical test. If you refuse, you may lose your driver’s license for1 year on a first-time refusal and you will not be allowed any restricted privileges to drive to work or for any other reason. Before refusing the test, please remember that the consequences to your license may be much more serious than if you took a blood or breath test.

If your license is taken by the police officer, you have 7 days to request a DMV hearing to challenge the revocation of your driver’s license. The revocation goes into effect automatically unless you request the DMV hearing.

If you have the misfortune of being charged with a DUI, you need the help of an experienced DUI attorney. There are some very important deadlines that can result in the waiving of important rights unless you act right after your arrest. Please call us so we can discuss your rights and evaluate your case.

We at Daniel, Thom & Katzman wish you a safe and happy holiday