A man arrested in January for bank robbery has been sentenced to 57 months in Federal prison as reported July 1, 2011 by the Denver Post. He was known as the “JV” bandit and was a suspect in 8 bank robberies. His arrest and subsequent sentencing can be a lesson for people on Colorado in similar situations. The story says he is “suspected” in 8 robberies, but he may have done a deal and not admitted to all of them. Further information may be forthcoming but that is one kind of deal that a Colorado criminal defense attorney can make for an accused individual. If you have been arrested for robbery and need advice on how best to handle your case, you must contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney.


The best case scenario is to have your attorney present from the moment you are arrested. That is difficult to make happen, but when arrested you should ask for your attorney as soon as possible. There should be no communication between you and the police until your defense attorney makes his appearance. Your attorney will observe and be sure to have all your rights respected. Any slip up by the arresting officers will be noted and used as part of your defense. There have been releases due to technicalities and you need a Colorado criminal defense attorney to look for those technicalities. They have the knowledge and experience in these matters and can be depended on to use any and all information at their disposal to aid in your defense.


The Colorado defense attorney will be your representative in the case and his experience with the judge and DA in the past can also be of a benefit to you. They may know your attorney as a tough opponent who will make proving the case difficult. This could lead them to seek a deal with a greatly reduced sentence or a plea for a much less serious charge.


Your attorney will advise you on the chances of getting an acquittal. It may be very difficult to prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Your Colorado criminal defense attorney will do all of this and more. You need to contact them as soon as possible if you are arrested.