Two teenaged Colorado boys who recently went missing over a weekend were caught shoplifting at a J.C. Penny store at a mall in Phoenix. A recent story on reported that 14-year-old Danny Eberly and 12-year-old Christopher Ihinger went rock climbing with Ihinger’s father and another man. The boys remained in the truck while the men went climbing. When the men returned,  the boys and the truck had disappeared.

The two runaways admitted to stealing the truck and driving it to Phoenix, according to the sheriff’s office in San Miguel County. Authorities believe the boys fled to Arizona because they knew the area well, and one of them lived in Arizona before moving to Colorado. Eberly’s father believed the boys ran away because Danny was on probation for a previous vehicle theft and was afraid of being sent to jail. At press time, the boys’ parents were on their way to Phoenix to get them and bring them back to Colorado. It is not yet known if the boys will face charges when they get back to Colorado, but authorities did state that they would not be charged with shoplifting.

Both of the boys may end up spending some time in juvenile detention when they get back home, however, the older one is in deeper legal hot water than the other one. His actions constitute a probation violation, and his fate is pretty much left up to a juvenile court judge. If you teen who is facing criminal charges, a Colorado criminal defense attorney can explain state juvenile laws and how they apply to your teen.