Westminster police recently arrested a mother-and-daughter duo who robbed a local bank on Oct. 11. Fox 31 Denver reported that 31-year-old Tina Guerrero walked into the TCF Bank at Federal Blvd and 72nd Avenue carrying a bag and told everyone inside that she had a bomb. When she got the money, she took off in a SUV driven by her mother, 53-year-old Norma Sisneros. Sisneros, however, was totally clueless as to what her daughter had just done until she got back to her apartment building and found herself facing police.

Sisneros told 9News that she was taking Guerrero to get some uniforms for a job. She had parked in a plaza next to the bank and stayed in the car while Guerrero went inside. She claimed she didn’t see which building Guerrero went into because she was “playing a solitaire game”.

Police got a description of the Sisneros’ SUV from witnesses and later spotted it in the area. They followed her back to Pine Tree Village Apartments. Sisneros stepped out of her SUV and was headed into the building when she heard a police officer command her to stop. Startled, she did as the officer ordered. Guerrero took off. Officers chased after her and apprehended her in a laundry room.

Guerrero is Sisneros’ only daughter out of three children and, as told to 9News, “her biggest heartache”.

She said she and her daughter no longer had a relationship due to her heroin addiction, and Guerrero was banned from Sisneros’ house because she had stolen from her. Guerrero has repeatedly been in trouble for years, Sisneros stated, but this recent arrest was a new low.

Mother and daughter are both in jail and face charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. They could face additional serious charges because of the bomb threat.