Many people may think of shoplifting as a crime committed by juveniles who don’t yet know the consequences of their actions, but shoplifting is still considered theft and those accused of this crime need representation from a Colorado criminal defense attorney. A defense lawyer can help anyone accused of a Colorado theft crime, whether they are a juvenile or an adult, and whether or not the crime is shoplifting or aggravated robbery.

Shoplifting charges can arise from a simple misunderstanding like walking out of a busy store after forgetting to pay for an item, but Colorado retailers and law enforcement take it very seriously. While many people may see shoplifting as a minor crime, it can be a felony, depending on the value of the item. Even if the accused has the money to pay for the item in cash on them or in their bank account, theft charges like shoplifting can be brought against them. In these kinds of cases, a Colorado criminal defense attorney can help by challenging evidence like video surveillance footage and taking witness testimony.

A defense lawyer can also help by looking at the circumstances of the case or working with judges and other court officials to get the charges reduced or even dismissed. A local Colorado criminal defense attorney will have worked with prosecutors, as well as judges before they were appointed, and they can put these professional relationships to work on your behalf. Sometimes cases like shoplifting can be dismissed if the accused pays for the item and convinces the retailer to drop or withdraw charges, but this sort of action should only be undertaken on the advice of a lawyer.

In cases where a minor is accused of a crime like shoplifting, a criminal defense attorney can also get the charges reduced or dismissed, as well as having criminal records sealed. Many times in juvenile cases, a criminal record can be sealed so that it doesn’t follow the accused around for the rest of their lives. Even though criminal records sealing is generally done in civil court, a defense lawyer will be able to file for expungement.