Two soldiers were hospitalized in what a witness claimed was a hate crime. The men assaulted may have been targeted by their assailants because one has admitted to being gay. This crime of assault can become worse if the hate crime tag gets attached to it.

Anyone in Colorado accused of assault is in a serious predicament and the added charge of it being a hate crime makes it even more important for the accused to hire a Colorado criminal defense attorney.  The proving that hate was involved in an assault can be difficult for the prosecutor. The Colorado criminal defense attorney knows this and will use all the expertise in getting this charge dropped.

The victim of the assault is certainly not going to be an objective witness. Neither can any friends who were there be counted on to deliver an objective view of the confrontation. This lack of objectivity can be useful to your attorney. A case can be made that the incident was just between two people and it got out of hand. Racial motivation or hatred against a person’s sexual orientation can’t automatically be assumed. It has to be proven.

The Colorado criminal defense attorney in any assault case will of course focus on the main charge of assault. Reasons of self defense and if there were any threats made by the injured party will be made known to the court by the attorney. Witness testimony will be called into question and all facts leading up to the confrontation that aid in your defense will be made the focus of your defense. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can be the difference between sitting in jail or receiving a suspended sentence or getting probation.

Anyone accused of assault will be best served by a Colorado criminal defense attorney’s involvement. It is the only response one can make to the accusation. The chances that other charges like the hate crime tag make it even more important for the accused to hire this expert in Colorado law.