According to the Argus-Press, two Colorado men are facing serious criminal charges after the shooting death of a man in Colorado Springs in late June. If you or someone you love is facing serious criminal charges like weapons possession, murder or kidnapping, you need the serious representation that only an aggressive Colorado criminal defense attorney can provide. An attorney can begin to help as soon as an investigation starts by protecting the rights of the accused and providing crucial legal advice during police questioning.

The victim of the June 30th Colorado Springs shooting, one Matthew Moore originally of Owosso, Michigan, had also been involved in a 2007 shooting incident. Colorado police did not make a statement whether or not his death was related to that incident, but his story does show how an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can help in cases of violent crime. Moore had allegedly involved in an altercation outside a convenience store in 2007. The altercation involved a group of men approaching Moore, then Moore shooting a man in the chest and face. Moore called 911 after the altercation, claiming self defense in the shooting. Due to the efforts of his defense lawyer and his own actions in calling 911, Moore was eventually only convicted of minor weapons charges such as discharging a weapon in a public place. These charges resulted in a fine and probation, which Moore served.

In these kinds of cases involving violence or weapons, having an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between facing felony charges like murder or assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor weapons possession charges. Any kind of criminal matter arising from a simple-seeming altercation can result in assault charges, either misdemeanor or felony. A seasoned defense lawyer will be able to help the accused face these kinds of violent crime charges and avoid losing their freedom, being subject to years of probation or having to pay high fines. An attorney can help defendants plead to lesser charges or challenge evidence against them to get criminal charges dismissed.