The right Colorado criminal defense attorney can help make sure your Colorado DMV hearing does not go the wrong way. While a Colorado DMV hearing is not a criminal court proceeding, this organization has the power to suspend or revoke your driver’s license and they can levy large fines against you. The rules surrounding these types of hearings are also very confusing. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can make sure you are properly represented at this hearing and that you do not lose any privileges.

Your driver’s license represents so much more than just your ability to drive a vehicle. Many times your employment and other aspects of your personal life can be gravely affected if you lose your license. A Colorado criminal defense attorney knows the procedures and processes that govern a Colorado DMV hearing. Your attorney can make sure that all of the obscure deadlines are met so that you do not automatically lose your case based on a technicality.

If you are facing charges that also require a Colorado DMV hearing, you have quite a bit on your mind. The stress and financial burden related to such a situation can be devastating. Fines can be extremely high, depending on your charges, and very few people can afford to lose their jobs because of their driver’s license. You may also be facing other criminal charges, making the situation even more intimidating. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can make sure that you have one less troublesome situation looming over you.