A DUI driver whose license is revoked in Colorado for a blood or breath test of .15 or higher will have longer interlock requirements starting January 1st. Colorado law currently classifies someone as a “persistent drunk driver” if the driver has a BAC of .17 or higher. Under the new law passed earlier this year, the Colorado legislature expanded the use of ignition interlock devices by reducing the persistent drunk driver BAC level to .15.
The change going into effect on January 1st will require a driver whose license is revoked for having an excess alcohol content with a BAC of .15 or higher to have an interlock in their car for 2 years and be enrolled in and complete a level II alcohol and drug education program as a condition to reinstating driving privileges. Drivers revoked for the first time will still be able to reinstate after not driving for 1 month.
The lower BAC level will mean that more people will have to have the interlock in their car for a longer period. This change was part of a wide-spread expansion of the interlock program that will also allow drivers who were revoked for refusing a chemical test or for having multiple DUI convictions to reinstate earlier than currently allowed provided they have an interlock device in their car. If you are wondering how you will be affected by these changes, please call Daniel, Thom & Katzman, PC at 719-578-1183 for a free consultation.