This week, the Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Department of Transportation released statistics for DUI arrests over the St Patrick’s Day weekend. 112 agencies reported a total of 424 DUI arrests in Colorado for the 4 day weekend (Friday to Monday). 50 people were charged with DUI in El Paso County. By agency, that figure is broken down as follows: the Colorado Springs Police Department arrested 36 people for DUI; The State Patrol in Colorado Springs made 4 arrests; The El Paso County Sheriff’s Department reported 6 arrests and 3 other agencies in El Paso County made 4 arrests.

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones who were arrested, you should contact an experienced Colorado Springs DUI lawyer for help. Those who submitted to a blood test, should be receiving a revocation order from DMV in the next few weeks if your BAC result was over .08.  That order requires you to act quickly to avoid the immediate revocation of your driver’s license.  If you would like to discuss your particular case and how a Colorado Springs DUI attorney can help you, please call us for a free initial consultation.