In Pueblo County this past Fourth of July, a Colorado woman—allegedly under the influence of alcohol—sped down South Purcell Boulevard in Pueblo West at a reported speed of sixty-five miles-per-hour.  She reportedly exceeded the thirty mile-per-hour speed limit in an attempt to evade law enforcement officials who intended to pull her over for a suspected DUI.  Unfortunately, in her attempt to avoid law enforcement, she lost control of her vehicle (shortly after cutting-out her headlights) and ended-up rolled-over in a six foot deep construction ditch.  As a result of he crash, the woman suffered injuries and received medical assistance at Parkview West Medical Center.  Not long after her recovery, police officers arrived at the hospital to charge her with vehicular eluding, DUI, driving with a suspended or revoked license, reckless driving, and driving without wearing a seat belt.

Unfortunately (as was the case with this woman), holidays such as the Fourth of July, St Patrick’s Day, and New Year’s Eve provide many individuals an excuse to consume copious amounts of alcohol and make poorly thought-out life choices.  Consequently, those individuals then make decisions (that have serious legal consequences) rather carelessly.  For a case in point, consider that this Colorado woman now has expensive hospital bills, potentially agonizing life-long injuries, heavy fines, considerable prison time, community service, and DUI classes to attend—all because she made poor decisions while her abilities were impaired.  (Furthermore,  she’ll have to continually confront members of her community to explain the likely social stigma they’ll attribute to her for endangering herself and other motorists.)

Truly, alcohol and other drugs have the ability to impair the judgment of those who consume too much of it—or those who consume it irresponsibly.  While most Individuals –under normal circumstances—might not ever even consider getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, those who’ve “overdone it,” so to speak, could easily misjudge their abilities and make the serious mistake of climbing into a vehicle while under the influence.  In the event you find yourself facing DUI, DUAI, or other related charges, then you should contact a Colorado DUI defense attorney without delay.  While not every circumstance results in a judgment wherein suspects totally avoid conviction, many cases do, and as such you’ll want to make sure you the best counsel you can get.  At the very least, having a seasoned DUI defense attorney ready to represent you in legal matters can help protect you from some of the harsher sentences associated with DUIs.