The former General Hospital star Rick Springfield was arrested and charged with a DUI and he has pled not guilty. He also has a rock career with his best known song “Jesse’s Girl”. The police have released information of what the breathalyzer read at 1.00. The legal limit in California is the same as in Colorado, a .08 alcohol level in the bloodstream.

Since the plea is not guilty, it is certain he will be represented by a lawyer. If you are facing suspension of your Colorado license due to a DUI ticket, you must call a Colorado criminal defense attorney. You must act quickly as you have seven days to request a hearing with DMV if you want to save your driving privileges. The Colorado criminal defense attorney has experience with all the procedures and can be a great help in saving your license.

There are many ways theColoradocriminal defense attorney can attack the case against you. The police needed a reason to stop you other than you were driving after midnight. The breathalyzer will be examined and its reliability questioned.

There can be bad handling of the evidence and misfiling of reports that can be used to strike down the case. There may be conflicting stories offered by the arresting officers that do not match up with their report of that day. In past cases your attorney has worked with the same judges and prosecutors and he has a good idea what kind of case is capable of being reduced to a lesser charge. He may be able to get a deferment of jail time in lieu of attending an alcohol program

None of this can be done by you. It is the Colorado criminal defense attorney that has the background and experience in this type of case, and their expertise can be invaluable to you. A DUI ticket can lead to years of higher insurance costs and there are the fines and reinstatement fees that you can avoid if you get a successful defense against this charge.

Losing your license may mean more money spent on other means of transportation while your car sits there unused.  For these and many other reasons you must hire a Colorado criminal defense attorney when charged with a DUI.