Liberty Law Center is pleased to announce two exciting additions to our law practice that will allow us to provide new services to our clients. First, we will be available to represent clients in all aspects of family law – dissolution of marriage, parental responsibility and parenting time, child support and post-decree modification. Family law continues to be a complicated, emotional and changing field in Colorado that is filled with hidden obstacles for people trying to represent themselves. At Liberty Law Center, we offer over two decades of experience handling family law matters.

Second, we will be representing defendants who have been charged with felony DUI. Effective August 5th, Colorado has made it a class 4 felony to be charged with DUI when the accused has 3 prior DUI convictions. A felony DUI conviction carries a possible prison sentence of 2-6 years.

Dealing with major legal problems can be very stressful. Having an experienced attorney is important to obtaining a successful resolution of your case. Should you, members of your family, friends or co-workers have the need for legal representation in a DUI, criminal or family law case, we hope you will contact us to discuss your case. We will continue to offer a free half-hour consultation