2010 Colorado Legislative Update

There wasn’t much action in the legislature this session on issues involving criminal/DUI cases.

We wrote about the new DUI sentencing law in an earlier blog.

Here are some other laws of interest that recently went into effect.

HB1201 requires a police officer to read an advisement and obtain a written consent to conduct a search.  This applies only to searches for which there is no legal basis to perform the search.

HB1090 eliminated the mandatory 5 day jail sentence that was required for Driving Under Suspension (DUS) convictions that are non-alcohol based.  The 30 day minimum sentence for an alcohol based Driving Under Revocation (DUR) was not changed by this law.

HB 1338 allows a person with two or more felonies to be eligible for probation.

HB 1334 moved some activities from the public indecency statute into the indecent exposure statute