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We’re passionate about helping our clients from all walks of life. Whether you’ve been accused of a crime or you’re going through a divorce, we’re here to help.

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Our Areas of Practice 

Our experienced attorneys are ready to fight for you, so whether it’s fighting for your rights or fighting for your family, we can help. 

Theft and Shoplifting 

At Liberty Law Center, we're ready to defend you after a theft or shoplifting charge.

Parenting Disputes

At Liberty Law Center, we’re experienced in all forms of parenting disputes.

Misdemeanor Defense

At Liberty Law Center, we’re dedicated to our clients because even one misdemeanor can cause unwanted disruptions in your life.

Juvenile Defense

Making mistakes is a part of growing up, but don’t let them affect your future.

Felony Defense

Hiring the right defense is crucial in your pursuit of freedom.


Our experienced attorneys are here to help you navigate the repercussions of driving under the influence of drugs.

Drug Charges

There are many ways to fight a Colorado drug charge. Let Liberty Law Center fight for you.

Domestic Violence

At Liberty Law Center, we’ll take your domestic violence charge seriously because we know there’s more to every situation than meets the eye.


At Liberty Law Center, we’re here for you when your marriage has run its course.

Child Custody

At Liberty Law Center, we’re committed to you and the well-being of your children.


If you’re facing assault charges, don’t face them alone. At Liberty Law Center, we’re here to protect your rights.


DUIs are serious, so you need attorneys that will dedicate serious attention to your case.

Family Law

Our attorneys are ready to help you establish clear boundaries with an ex-spouse, formulate a custody plan, and help you with anything else involving family law.

Criminal Defense

At Liberty Law Center, we’re ready to advocate for your rights and defend your freedoms after being accused of criminal activity.

Traffic Offense

Not sure what to do after a traffic offense? We can help.

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