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Protecting the Best Interest of Your Children

At Liberty Law Center, we're committed to helping our families. With experience that sets us apart, we're ready to help you with your family legal matters. When facing the complexities of child custody, it’s important you have an attorney you can trust. We’re dedicated to helping parents understand how child custody matters are resolved across Colorado. 

Is Joint or Sole Custody Better For You? 

No family is exactly the same, so when deciding on what to do in a child custody case, it’s important to consider your children and other factors. If you and your child's other birth parent have an amicable relationship, joint custody might be better for you and your children. Joint decision-making responsibility would entail that you and your ex-spouse or co-parent have a say in major life decisions regarding your children. 

However, if you and your children's other parent don’t get along, or you feel they’re not responsible enough to care for the children, you might want to consider sole custody of them. Sole decision-making is when one parent can make all major decisions regarding a minor child's life. 

How Does Child Custody Work in Colorado?

If you fear your child isn’t thriving with a current parental arrangement or they’re not receiving the time they deserve with you, Liberty Law Center can help. We’re here for you and understand that you want the best for your children. With your input, we’ll make plans regarding: 

  • Your Child’s Best Interest
  • Joint Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Visitation Rights

Making Plans that Work For You 

Nothing is more important than your children, and at Liberty Law Center, we understand how important being a parent is to you. If you and your ex-spouse or your children’s birth parent are pushing for custody and you feel your children would be in danger in their care, or you’d prefer to keep them with you, we’re here to help. 

We’ll formulate child custody and, if necessary, a visitation plan that works for you and your children. Our experienced team of attorneys will exhaust our resources to ensure that you, and most importantly, your children, are comfortable with the custody plan you have in place. 

Get Help From Our Colorado Springs Child Custody Attorneys

If you think you're not getting the time with your children that you deserve, you don't think your ex should have access to your children, or anything in between, Liberty Law Center can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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I am so thankful I called Liberty Law Center. The amount of knowledge and dedication that comes from Valerie is next to none. She helped me understand the entire process. Made me feel like I was not alone. It took me 15-plus years to deal with my issue. Now as it gets resolved I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I owe it all to Valerie. Mr. Beck has put together an amazing team.

Tim A.

Divorce is never easy and mine was not. I hired Drake Larson due to the incompetence of another attorney so I was already distraught with the entire situation. Drake assured me he would get to the facts of my case and get control of the situation and figure out the best way to a fair outcome. To make a long story short after 10 months we finally went to the Judge today. Let me assure you that Mr. Larsen was confident, well-versed, prepared, and went above and beyond my expectations. To whoever is reading this take my advice and hire Drake Larsen if you need expert representation.

Gary W.

I am beyond thankful for this incredible group of people, especially Bill Beck and his awesome sidekick Valerie. They’ve been with me through the (year-long) court process at every step, and have provided nothing but compassion, clarity, guidance, support, and in the end, a big victory thanks to Mr. Beck’s above-and-beyond efforts. Do yourself a massive favor and hire this team!!

Esther B.

Drake Larson was a wonderful Lawyer. He is very knowledgeable in his field. If he didn't know the answer to some very off the wall situations, he would research and get back to me quickly. He was very professional but also personable. He made me feel comfortable and confident in my case and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Drake.

Tanda B.

Can't say enough about this amazing team! Both Bill and Valerie were a huge support in helping with our case and I can't thank them enough for everything they did from start to finish! Valerie is amazing with follow up and always made us feel like we could call her about anything we had questions about or needed help with. Very professional team and we highly recommend Liberty Law Center!

Brenda J.

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