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Removed – old > 2010 Colorado Legislative Update pending
Leaving the Scene of An Accident publish
First Time DUI/DWAI Conviction publish
How DUI Affects Your Criminal Record publish
Common DUI Defense Questions publish
White-collar Crimes : Not a Victimless Crime publish
Colorado May Set Limits for Driving After Marijuana Use publish
December is Most Dangerous Month for Teen Drivers in Colorado publish
Significant Decrease in Colorado DUI Fatalities publish
Colorado’s Legal Blood Alcohol Level publish
Ignition Interlock Devices publish
Sober Living Environment Gives DUI Offenders a Second Chance publish
Curbing DUI Offenses Through Vehicle Sanctions publish
Another Weapon Against DUI: Electronic Monitoring publish
Redirected >>Moms Keeping Families Safe With Help From DADSS draft
How a DUI Affects Your Driver’s License publish
Field Sobriety Tests and Your Rights publish
DUI and Your Driving Record publish
Redirected >>Going to Canada? Not With a DUI draft
DUI and Employment publish
DUI Doesn’t Just Mean Drinking publish
How a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Fight Marijuana Possession Charges publish
Removed > Contact a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney for Help With Drinking and Driving Charges pending
If a Cop Forces You to Take a Field Sobriety Test, Call a Colorado DUI Defense Attorney publish
Don’t Leave the Scene of an Accident publish
Moms Fighting Drunk Drivers With Help From DADSS publish
About Colorado Theft Charges publish
What To Do In The Case Of A DUI Resulting In Injury publish
How a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Fight Charges of Possession With Intent to Distribute publish
Your Colorado Defense Attorney Can Help With DUI Probation Violations publish
Underage DUI Charges: A Colorado DUI Attorney Can Help publish
Sobriety Checkpoints and Your Rights publish
Dealing With Colorado DUI Charges as an Out-of-state Resident publish
Driving in Colorado With a Suspended License publish
Multiple DUI Charges publish
About Assault Charges in Colorado publish
How Can a Commercial DUI Affect You publish
Get Help With Commercial DUI Charges publish
What to Expect at DMV Hearings publish
The DUI Court Process publish
Vehicular Manslaughter and Your Rights publish
Drinking and Driving Charges Should Be Taken Seriously publish
What a Habitual Traffic Offender Status Can Mean for You publish
Redirected >> Some Bills The Liberty Law Firm is Following draft
How a DUI Can Affect Your Driving Privileges publish
Problems with Your Probation publish
What to Do if You Are Arrested for Drinking and Driving publish
Ignition Interlock Devices and Colorado DUI Law publish
Approaching Your DMV Hearing with a Colorado DUI Attorney publish
A Colorado DUI Attorney Helps Minimize Potential Penalties publish
Use of Alcohol Monitoring Devices Increasing Nationwide publish
Nearly 700 Arrests During Holiday DUI Crackdown publish
DUI law for Marijuana Could Be on the Way publish
Protecting Yourself from Underage DUI Charges publish
Take Action Quickly to Ensure a Solid DUI Defense publish
DUI is a High Profile Crime that Carries Serious Penalties publish
Marijuana DUI Bill Amended publish
Holiday Checkpoints Lead to More DUI Arrests publish
The Importance of a Solid Defense in a DUI Case publish
Man Suing Colorado Police Following Injuries After DUI Arrest publish
The Importance of Having an Experienced Attorney in a DUI Case publish
Desire for Safer Streets makes DUI Laws and Consequences more Severe publish
Old Redirected >>> Colorado THC DUI Bill Still in the News draft
Colorado State Patrol to Hold Monthly Webinars on DUI publish
Underage DUI Carries Serious Penalties publish
The Dangers of Driving While High publish
Too Much Fun Can Lead to Serious Consequences publish
Colorado Monitoring Options on the Rise publish
Even the Most Relied upon Evidence in DUIs can be Inaccurate publish
DUI affects Thousands in Colorado Springs publish
Colorado Springs DUI Accident Ends in Fractured Hip publish
Prosecutors Fight to Use Breath Test Evidence publish
Treatment for DUIs Could Be Used in Place of Prison Time publish
Officers Increase Efforts on Holiday Weekends publish
Smartphone App Helps Estimate BAC publish
Hiring an Attorney Makes more Sense that Fleeing the Scene publish
DUI Charges Could be Dismissed publish
Tot Ingesting Medical Marijuana Case is Referred to the Boulder District Attorney publish
Colorado Joins the National Fight against Immigration Services Fraud publish
Fourth of July is Coming and DUI Checkpoints will be Visible publish
Redirected >>> Colorado Mother Charged in Daughter’s Death draft
DUI Cases Bring in Money to the Jurisdiction that Convicts You publish
AFP Reports Apple will not be Offering any New “Drunk Driving” Apps publish
The Fourth of July is a good Time for a Designated Driver publish
Redirected>> Man Arrested for Bank Robbery Faces Sentence draft
Suspect Arrested in what looks like a Drug Deal Gone Bad publish
Redirected >> Greely Man Exonerated draft
Removed: Rock Musician Rick Springfield has Pled Not Guilty to DUI in LA pending
Colorado Department of Human Services Helps Underage DUI Offenders publish
One in Twelve Fans at the Rockies Games May be Drunk publish
Redirected >>Suspected Hate Crime Reported in Colorado Springs draft
Colorado Teens Form New Drug Use Prevention Council publish
Ignition Interlock Devices Can Get Your License Back After DUI publish
For Underage Drivers, a DUI Can Come With Severe Consequences publish
Colorado Crime Spree Leads to Multiple Felonies publish
Colorado DUI Penalties: Criminal and Administrative publish
Redirected >> Shoplifting is Still a Serious Crime in Colorado draft
Colorado DUI Plus Vehicular Assault Charges publish
Redirected >> Colorado Springs Police Name Suspect in Recent Shooting draft
Penalties for a Domestic Violence Conviction in Colorado publish
Redirected >>Two Men Face Murder and Kidnapping Charges in Connection with CO Springs Shooting draft
Blood Alcohol Content Tests and Colorado DUI Laws publish
DUID: Driving Under the Influence of Drugs publish
Colorado DUI Checkpoints publish
How Colorado Criminal Defense Attorneys Protect Your Rights publish
Criminal Traffic Offenses Affect Your Driving Privileges and Freedom publish
Help for Juvenile Offenders publish
Medical Marijuana Charges in Colorado publish
Colorado Laws For Suspended or Revoked Licenses publish
Colorado’s Strict Sex Crime Laws publish
Minor in Possession Laws Aim to Curb Underage Drinking publish
Assault Charges in Colorado publish
Redirected >>Going to Canada Anytime Soon? Not With a DUI draft
Man Sentenced to 15 Years for DUI Manslaughter publish
Marijuana Charges: How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help publish
Criminal Traffic Offenses: Driving Without Insurance publish
Got Lofty Career Goals? Don’t Drink and Drive publish
Aftereffects of a DUI Conviction publish
Yes, You Can Be Charged for Carrying a Bottle of Beer publish
Probation Violations: How A Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help publish
Colorado Policy Makers Debate THC Driving Levels publish
Woman Charged With DUI Hit-and-Run publish
DUI and Vehicular Assault Cases publish
Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help in Municipal Court publish
Redirected >> Shoplifter Charged With Third-Degree Murder draft
Mother of Domestic Violence Victim Urges Parents to Be Proactive publish
Colorado Laws Regarding Field Sobriety Tests and DUIs publish
Criminal DUI Charges in Colorado publish
It May Soon Be Legal to Smoke Pot in Colorado publish
Defense Strategies in Colorado Drug Cases publish
When You’re Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence publish
Fleeing the Scene of a Car Accident publish
Administrative Penalties for DUI in Colorado publish
How To Know You’re Being Stalked publish
Ignition Interlock Devices in Colorado DUI Cases publish
DUI Defense Strategies publish
Stalking Charges publish
Redirected >> Man Seeking Street Justice Arrested for Assault draft
What to Do If You’re Charged With a Sex Crime publish
Redirected >> Shoplifting May Cost Suspect Her Life draft
Redirected >> Shoplifting and Theft Crimes in Colorado draft
Redirected >> Skimping-Out on Insurance Can Cost! draft
Don’t Fight DUID Charges Without an Attorney publish
Identity Theft publish
Expunging a DUI Record in Colorado publish
DUI v DUI Per Se publish
Colorado Teen Charged With DUI publish
Former Vestas Employee Gets 8 Years for Embezzlement publish
Drunk Driver Gets 20-Years for DUI Manslaughter publish
Redirected >> Missing Colorado Teens Found in Phoenix..Shoplifting draft
Larimer County Man Arrested for Vehicular Homicide publish
More Than a Decade and Half of Your Life Could be Lost to Second Degree Assault Charges publish
Detective Bust Illegal Marijuana Operation publish
Suspect Faces DUI, Homicide Charges publish
Man Charged With Assault, Child Endangerment publish
Wal-Mart Heiress Charged With DUI publish
“Superhero” Cleared of Assault Charges publish
Family of DWI Victim Wants Tougher Ignition Interlock Laws draft
Felony Charges For Man Who Sold Drugs to His Friend publish
Redirected >>Woman May or May Not Face Assault Charges draft
Redirect >> Police Nab Mother and Daughter Bank Robbers draft
Budget Battle Over Red Light Cameras publish
Colorado’s Point System & Suspension / Revocation publish
Redirected >>>Hit-and-Runs in Colorado Springs draft
Pseudoephedrine and Smurfing publish
Holiday Festivities and DUI Saturation Patrols publish
Colorado Pharmacies and Prescription-Drug Theft: Possible New Consequences publish
Possible Issues with BAC Devices publish
Probations, Violations, and Consequences publish
Crime Stats and Colorado’s Metro Areas publish
DUIs in Colorado: Far-Reaching Consequences publish
Check Fraud in Colorado and Penalties publish
Criminal Charges for Grandmothers publish
Killed “Pot DUI Bill” Doesn’t Mean Marijuana Users Off the Hook publish
Medical Marijuana: Approved and Denied Conditions publish
“DUI Defense: A Valuable Investment” publish
Graffiti or Vandalism?: Walking the Fine Line publish
“Multiple DUI Offenders and Vehicular Homicide” publish
Pregnant Mother Accused of Theft—Loses Custody of Child publish
“’Taking It Up a Notch’: How Holidays Can Have Serious Consequences” publish
Didn’t Start the Fight? Assault May Still Apply publish
An Attorney can Help with DUI Charges publish
Reasonable Suspicion and DUIs publish
Marijuana Possession and Potential Consequences publish
Minimizing the Stress of a DUI with a Qualified DUI Attorney publish
Fighting to Retain Driving Privileges with a DUI Attorney publish
Pleading Down DUI Charges with an Experienced Defense Attorney publish
Financial Hardship and Domestic Abuse publish
A Criminal Defense Attorney: Defending Against Traffic Violations publish
Once Extinguished CO Relationship Re-Ignites in Violent End publish
A Good Defense Attorney is Critical to Your DUI Case publish
Navigating Drug Charges with a Criminal Defense Attorney publish
“Make My Day” Law: Castle Doctrine in Colorado publish
Drug Possession is a Serious Charge That Requires a Good Defense Attorney publish
Understanding and Fighting Assault Charges with a Colorado Defense Attorney publish
Domestic Violence Charges Demand the Help of a Defense Attorney publish
Redirected>> Pueblo Woman’s Fourth of July Results in Injuries and DUI Charges pending
Battling Domestic Violence Charges with a Colorado Defense Attorney publish
Facing Assault Charges with a Defense Attorney publish
A Colorado Defense Attorney Can Help Minimize Penalties Faced from Drug Charges publish
Reducing DUI Penalties with a Colorado Defense Attorney publish
Getting the Proper Defense for a Vehicular Assault Charge publish
BAC Machines in Colorado Springs publish
CSPD and other Government Agencies Turn Up the Heat publish
Redirected >> Holiday Parties and DUI’s draft
Alcohol Testing: Knowing your PBTs and EBATs publish
Alcohol Awareness Courses publish
The Persistent Drunk Driving Act of 1998 publish
Redirected >>>Supreme Court Rules GPS Tracking is a Search draft
Redirected >> MADD Pushing to Increase Use of Ignition Interlock draft
Redirected >>>Colorado Springs Homicide Rate Increases 33% draft
Redirected >>Colorado Court of Appeals Prohibits Medical Marijuana For Man On Probation draft
Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Law Introduced in Colorado Senate publish
CO Department of Health Blood Tests Inaccurate publish
UPDATE: Dept of Health Blood Tests publish
Driving Under Influence of Drugs Bill Killed By Colorado Senate publish
Redirected >> State Patrol Begins ‘100 Days of Heat’ Campaign pending
Redirected >> Is Technology Outpacing the Constitution? draft
NTSB Recommends Ignition Interlock for All 1st Time DUI Offenders publish
US Supreme Court to Decide if Warrant Required for Blood Test in DUI publish
NTSB recommends lowering DUI level to .05 publish
New Law Allows Driver To Contest Validity of DUI Traffic Stop At DMV License Revocation Hearing publish
Refusing The Chemical Test In Colorado? publish
REMDUI Drivers Will Have Longer Interlock Requirements pending
Removed >> DUI Arrests for Super Bowl Weekend pending
Should I request the officer for the DMV hearing? publish
Redirected >> Felony DUI Law Goes Into Effect Aug 5, 2015 pending
Redirected >> Liberty Law Center Expands Practice Into Family Law draft
Juvenile client charged with a Class 5 Felony for breaking into cars and stealing equipment. publish
Client charged with possession of crack cocaine and was facing up to 6 years in prison publish
Client charged with possession of methamphetamine and facing up to 6 years in prison. publish
uvenile client charged with a Class 5 Felony for breaking into cars and stealing equipment. publish
Client charged with Driving Under Revocation from an alcohol related offense. publish
Our client was charged with Careless Driving which carried a 4 point penalty and the possibility of jail or community service. publish
Our client got a ticket totally 10 points against their license. publish
Our client was unable to find a ride one day and drove while revoked. publish
Our client was charged with Driving Under Revocation in Douglas County and El Paso County. publish
Client charged in 2 separate cases with driving under revocation. publish
Client was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident and careless driving. publish
Client charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and was in a car accident. publish
Client arrested for Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs in both Boulder and Las Animas Counties while on vacation in Colorado. publish
Client charged with Driving Under the Influence and had 2 prior DUIs. publish
Client was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while she was incapacitated by alcohol. publish
Client was charged with Felony Menacing-Domestic Violence. publish
Client accused of new shoplifting charge and was facing the revocation of a deferred sentence on a prior shoplifting case publish
Client was accused of Felony Assault on an at-risk adult. publish
Client Charged with felony menacing and felony eluding of police. publish
Client charged with child abuse. Facing 18 months in jail. publish
Client charged with multiple counts of Domestic Violence. publish
Client charged with False Imprisonment publish
Client was charged with 3rd Degree Assault publish
Client charged with burglary of a dwelling and facing up to 16 years in prison publish
Client charged with a Class 4 Felony theft which carried a potential 6 years in prison. publish
The 6 Step Process of a Criminal Case publish
5 Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney publish
5 Surprising Facts about DUI’s publish
Smartphone Breathalyzer Apps: Possible DUI Preventative publish
New Colorado DUI Legislature in the Works: Minimum Sentences for Felony DUI Convictions publish
3 Reasons Why You Should Have a DUI Lawyer publish
5 Myths About Military Divorces publish
Redirected >> Divorce and Family Law: Key Terms That You Should Know draft
Common Law Marriage in Colorado publish
Penalties of Driving Without Insurance in Colorado publish
Breaking Down Shoplifting Charges in Colorado publish
Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana: What’s Happening in Colorado with MMJ & DUI’s publish
Redirected >> What to do if You Get Pulled for Driving After Drinking in Colorado pending
5 Ways Alcohol Negatively Affects Your Body publish
Redirected >> 5 Tips for Going to Court draft
Things You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in Colorado publish
Redirected >>Child Custody FAQ draft
Redirected >> What You Need to Know: Assault Charges in Colorado draft
Reidrected>> Duplicate >> Challenging DUI Evidence in Colorado pending
Colorado Out of State DUI publish
DUI Under 21 in Colorado publish
Redirected >>Navigating the Divorce Laws in Colorado Springs, Colorado draft
Unpacking Child Custody Laws in Colorado & Colorado Springs publish
What Are the Types of Divorces in Colorado? publish
What Are DUI Laws & Penalties in Colorado? publish
Redirected >> Thin >> Reasons Why You Should Get a Lawyer for a DUI pending
Can I Get Arrested for a DUI If I’m Not Driving? publish
What Happens if You Get a DUID/DWAI? publish
Drug Felonies Have Been Downgraded to Misdemeanors in Colorado publish
What Should You Do if You Get Pulled Over For a DUI? publish
3 Things to Know About Domestic Violence publish
Legal Tips on Navigating Divorce & Domestic Violence publish
Will My Marijuana Usage Impact My Child Custody Battle? publish
How Can I Seal My Criminal Records? publish
How Can I File for Divorce When I Can’t Locate My Spouse? publish
How to Parent During a Divorce or Separation publish

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FAQ Title URL Draft or Published
What are the types of divorce in Colorado? publish
What is qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)? publish
What is a common law marriage? publish
What is collusion? publish
What is an annulment? publish
What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) publish
What if I can’t find my spouse? publish
What About Alimony? publish
What is Property Division in a Colorado Divorce? publish
What Are The Grounds for Divorce? publish
What if One Spouse is No Longer a Resident of Colorado? publish
What is the Residency Requirement? publish
What is Mediation? publish
Who gets custody of our child? publish
What’s the difference between joint custody and sole custody? publish
If parents share custody, do either of the parents have to pay child support? publish
Can either parent refuse to allow visitation as a result of unpaid child support? publish
When can the child decide which parent to live with? publish
Do grandparents receive custody and visitation rights? publish
What’s a parenting plan? publish
Can child custody and/or support be included in my divorce decree if it’s in my separation agreement? publish
When will we make a decision on child custody? publish
Can I modify custody? publish
We can’t agree on a custody agreement. What happens now? publish
Is it possible to increase my chances of a larger custody agreement? publish
What does the term “visitation” mean? publish
Are There Different Levels of Visitation? publish
Is it True That the Mother is Favored Over the Father in Court? publish
Am I Able to Collect My Own Evidence if My Case Goes to Court? publish
Will My Child Be Required to Appear in Court? publish
Do I Need to Hire a Guardian Ad Litem/Custody Evaluator? publish
What To Do After an Arrest in Colorado Springs? publish
What If It’s My First Offense? publish
Will I Go To Jail? publish
Do you charge a consultation fee? publish
What If I Hurt Someone When I Was Driving Under The Influence? publish
What If I’m From Out Of State? publish
What is an interlock device? publish
Is jail mandatory with a DUI arrest? publish
I was under Revocation for some time and received a ticket. I have since gotten my license back and the district attorney is offering to allow me to plead guilty to a reduced charge. Should I take this offer? publish
How many points can I get before I lose my Driver’s License? publish
Can I get a license to go back and forth to work or school? publish
What is the difference between a Revocation and a Suspension? publish
How do I request a DMV hearing? publish
What happens if I refused the chemical test? publish
Do I have to take a blood or breath test? publish
Do I have to do roadside maneuvers like walking a line or touching my nose? publish
I was arrested for a DUI but the police officer never read me my rights. Does the case have to be dismissed? publish
The Police called me/came by my house and want to talk to me. Do I have to talk to them? What are my options? publish
I was arrested, but the officer never read me my Miranda rights. Does this mean the case will be dismissed? publish
Can The Police Search And Seize My Property? publish
My spouse has been charged with a crime. Can I bond him/her out of jail? publish
The district attorney has offered to let me plead guilty with no jail on my first offense. Is this a good deal? publish
The police are offering me a deal to give them evidence on others involved in my crime. Can I trust them? publish
The alleged victim in my crime called me and asked me to apologize. Are the police behind this? publish
Can the police lie to me when questioning me about a case? publish
Do I have to let the police or anyone else search my house or car? publish


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