During these difficult economic times, many people allow their insurance policies to lapse when trying to make ends meet.  According to 2009 claims data, 15% of Colorado motorist are uninsured.  While this policy make temporarily work with regard to utilities or other consumer bills, individuals should be extremely careful with regard to their insurance policies, as failing to drive without insurance can very likely result in expensive fines as well as increased exposure to other liabilities.

Penalties for Driving without Insurance:

-1st offense: minimum $500 fine, 4 points on driving record, and suspension of license until proof of insurance submitted to Division of Motor Vehicles

-2nd offense: minimum of $1,000 fine and 4 months suspension of license

-3rd offense: penalties include a $1,000 fine, community service, and 8 month license suspension

-courts may add up to 40 hours of community services for any of the above offenses

While you may have insurance and feel as though you’ve done everything within your power to adhere to the rules of the road, have you ever considered what might happen if you were pulled over while driving someone else’s uninsured vehicle?  If you found yourself in these circumstances, you should know that even though you have your own vehicle insured, the laws still apply.  Subsequently, you may have your license confiscated, you may receive a notice that suspends your license within seven days, and you may be issued a summons for not having any liability insurance—in which case, you must appear in court.  Another matter concerns whether or not you have your insurance information on hand with you.  Should a law enforcement officer pull you over for a traffic violation and you didn’t have your insurance information on hand, would you end up with a suspended license—even if your information appeared in the database?  As it turns out, depending on the circumstances, you could still have your license suspended and you could still receive a summons.

When it comes to juggling finances, skimping on state-mandated motorist-insurance should never enter into the equation.  However, should you ever find yourself facing charges for driving without liability insurance, you should immediately seek the professional advice of Colorado criminal defense attorney.  Doing so will ensure you have the means at your disposal to adequately represent yourself should such charges arise.