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CSPD and other Government Agencies Turn Up the Heat

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In an effort to curb the number of instances of DUI and DWAI instances, police departments and other governmental agencies have started pairing up and combining their forces.  For instance, the Colorado Springs Police Department and the Colorado Department of Transportation often pair together during the CSPD’s Heat is On programs.  These programs typically run during holiday weekends (e.g., Fourth of July weekends) and involve both sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols.  Also, while the CSPD often pairs with the Department of Transportation, it has also paired with other governmental agencies such as the Pikes Peak Regional DUI Task Force and the National Highway Transportation Safety Association.

Characteristics of an Effective Sobriety Checkpoint Program

  • Persistent Program that Deters Impaired Driving
  • Program that Provides Legal Support
  • One that Abides by Existing Departmental Policy
  • Effective Site Selection
  • Unique Warning Devices
  • Visibility of Police Authority
  • Logistics for Chemical Testing
  • Contingency Plans
  • Implementation of Techniques for Detection and Investigation
  • Briefings of Operations
  • Program that Provides Comprehensive Public Information and -Education Programs
  • Means of Data Collection and Evaluation
  • As indicated by the City of Colorado Springs’ government website, the Colorado Springs Police Department institutes sobriety checkpoints and programs such as “Heat is On” for the purpose of deterring impaired drivers and reducing the number of alcohol-related vehicular fatalities each year.   Also, as indicated by the above list of characteristics of effective sobriety checkpoint programs, the CSPD and other agencies make every effort to ensure that these checkpoints adhere to both recent court rulings and the Colorado State Constitution.

Unfortunately, however, instances, where law enforcement officers do not adhere to guidelines and statutory regulations, do exist. Consequently, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done everything within your power to protect yourself legally, should you find yourself with a DUI or DWAI charge. If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWAI, then you’ll need to seek out a professional with both the experience and expertise to provide you with a fair defense. A qualified Colorado DUI defense attorney has the resources to help ensure you’ve done all you can to avoid costly fines, community service, DUI classes, a revoked license, or even time in jail.

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