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Child Support Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Navigating a child support case can be an emotional rollercoaster, stirring up anxiety, frustration, and even despair. We understand the overwhelming complexity of child support cases, coupled with the emotional toll it takes. That’s where our team of dedicated child support attorneys at Liberty Law Center comes in.

We don’t just offer legal experience; we offer compassion and understanding. We’re here to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you. Our attorneys work tirelessly to secure a fair resolution, always putting your child’s well-being and best interests first. In these challenging times, having a steadfast child support attorney by your side can make all the difference, providing the support, guidance, and peace of mind you deserve.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Liberty Law Center at 719-602-7381 to schedule your initial consultation. Let us be your rock during this challenging journey.

How is Child Support Determined in Colorado?

In Colorado, child support is determined based on an “Income Shares Model.” This model takes into account both parents’ combined monthly gross income and apportions a child support obligation between them according to their proportional incomes. The Colorado Child Support Guidelines are used to calculate this amount, taking into account factors like the cost of living, the child’s needs, and the parents’ financial resources.

The initial step in determining child support is to establish the monthly gross income of both parents. This includes salary, bonuses, dividends, pensions, and even unemployment benefits. After determining the combined monthly gross income, the number of overnight stays each parent has with the child is considered. The child support amount decreases as the number of overnights with the noncustodial parent increases.

Finally, additional factors such as health insurance, educational expenses, and other extraordinary costs are factored into the final amount. It is worth noting that modifications to the child support order can be made if there is a significant and continuing change in circumstances. This process can be complex, which is why many parents seek the assistance of child support lawyers. Attorneys can help every step of the way, from the most complex child support cases to the simplest. Ensuring that your child is taken care of during a divorce is the main priority of our attorneys. We can help determine medical expenses, calculate daycare expenses, assist in modification if necessary, or draft a voluntary child support agreement.

What Happens If the Support Paying Parent Stops Paying?

If the support-paying parent ceases to make payments, it can create significant financial and emotional challenges for the custodial parent and the child. In response to non-payment, legal avenues exist to enforce the child support order. The custodial parent can hire a child support lawyer, who will assist in filing a motion for enforcement with the court.

This could result in the non-paying parent facing severe consequences, such as wage garnishment, seizure of property, revocation of licenses, or even jail time in extreme cases. The primary objective is to secure the financial support necessary for the child’s well-being. However, it’s crucial to note that each case is unique, and your case should be discussed with our law firm.

Can a Child Support Order Be Modified?

Yes, a child support order can indeed be modified. The need for modification typically arises due to a significant change in circumstances of either parent or the child. Such changes can include a considerable increase or decrease in a parent’s income, a change in the child’s needs, or alterations in the time the child spends with each parent.

To modify a child support order, the first step usually is to consult with one of our family law attorneys. We can guide you through the process, which begins with filing a motion in court to request a modification of the child support order. This motion should detail the reasons for the request and provide supporting evidence.

Once the motion is filed, a hearing is scheduled. Both parents have the opportunity to present their arguments and evidence. The judge will then review the information presented, consider the best interests of the child, and make a decision. Keep in mind that modifications aren’t guaranteed. They rely on the judge’s discretion and the persuasiveness of the evidence and arguments presented. Therefore, having our law firm on your side in such situations is helpful as we can ensure that your wishes are met.

How Can a Child Support Lawyer in Colorado Springs Help Me?

A child support lawyer serves a critical role in safeguarding the financial well-being of your child. We are experienced in the complexities of child support laws and applying them to your unique case in the most beneficial way. We can negotiate the terms of child support on your behalf, ensuring that the agreed-upon amount is fair and just.

In contentious cases where the other parent refuses to pay or disputes the amount, our attorneys will represent your interests in court. We can also help in modifying child support orders if circumstances change significantly, such as a job loss or a substantial increase in income.

Hiring a child support lawyer from our team is a wise decision because it takes the burden off your shoulders. We handle all the paperwork, court proceedings, and negotiations, allowing you to focus on your child’s life and your own personal recovery. We can help with calculating child support, ensure that childcare is covered, help in the case of a modification, and do everything we can to assist in coming up with a child support agreement without court. More importantly, we have an in-depth understanding of how the system works, and our experience can significantly increase the chances of positive outcomes in your case. Call Liberty Law Center at 719-602-7381 to schedule your initial consultation today.